Loyalty, Filial Piety, Benevolent Love
Chambroad culture
Loyalty, Filial Piety, Benevolent Love

  (1) Corporate Vision

  To become the most responsible and most helpful enterprise in the industry, and to leave for future generations a career platform of sustained profitability.

  In the course of its development, Chambroad has been committed to building a corporate culture with filial piety and benevolence as its core values, to contributing to the society and returning to the community, and to making Chambroad a brand that belongs to the society.

  By focusing on the moment, we’ve been performing through action the commitment to ‘being a helpful enterprise’. In the process of rapid development, we always bear in mind to let the people enjoy as many achievements brought by our development as possible, and meanwhile to influence and encourage the construction in that community of spiritual as well as material civilization.

  Within the company, we put the construction of corporate culture in the center, and employ the means of training to continuously improve the quality and capacity of the human resources team. In the right cultural atmosphere, employees can not only upgrade their abilities, but more valuably, learn how to face the life with a healthy attitude and how to become a socially useful person.

  We attach more importance to cherishing and being grateful for resources. In Chambroad’s strategic thinking, effective use of resources and protection of the environment are two vital starting points. Chairman of Chambroad says, “Environmental protection is not performed to cater to government departments, nor is it to the National Standards, but we do it for ourselves and for the future. Through an efficient use of resources, we realize the continuation of the enterprise, and at the same time, leave for future generations a better environment with blue sky and green grass.”

  Doing business is the same as acting upon the conscience, which is demonstrated in the course of operating an enterprise. Now and in the future, we will always perform the commitment to social responsibility, enhance Chambroad personnel’s personal values ​​and civic responsibility, and be committed to be a moral leader in the market economy. It is our duty to be responsible for the staff, customers, and the environment and the community, so that employees can lead a happy and healthy life, and the company can have a healthy and sustainable development. With a sense of mission and responsibility, we proceed with the cause to create for future generations a business platform of sustained profitability. This platform shall be sustainable and growing, in harmony and unified, and be the most responsible built to last, so as to make Chambroad a name of centuries-long influence and an all-time successful enterprise!

  (2) Mission Statement

  Chambroad’s mission is to produce products that meet our customers’ expectations, and to cultivate talents that are useful for the community.

  Our mission states two base points where the corporate business lies: customers and employees.

  The company will never survive without support from the society, and all the more, the customers. It is, therefore, our duty to meet customers’ needs and provide them with products and services beyond their expectations ---think from customers’pespectives, treat them as our beloved and family, and be gratitude to customers.

  The greatest responsibility of the company for its employees is to nurture them into individuals that are useful to the society. Employees are the company’s most valuable asset and most loveable persons. It is the first responsibility of the company to consider employees’ needs, give back to employees and help them fulfil their dreams. Through employee training, the company can cultivate more and more talents useful to the society, so as to achieve the goal of treating the society with filial piety.

  (3) Corporate Spirits

  Diligence to endure hardship; Commitment; Thrift; Chivalry

  Diligence to endure hardship: Only those who endure the most become the highest.

  At the beginning of its establishment, Chambroad was a school-run factory of less than 100 staff, and equipped with insufficient resources, outdated equipment and weak technological capacity. Chambroad pioneers, however, relied on themselves and their own efforts to remove all the obstacles and lay down the foundation for the development of today’s Chambroad.

  In the new historical period, the Chambroad people shall hand down the traditional spirit of diligence from Chambroad pioneers to endure hardship. Only through enduring hardship can one develop a strong will and indomitable spirit. If one wishes to succeed and accomplish great achievements, one should be to suffer pressures and grievances of different kinds. Only in this way, can one have a broad mind and a commander’s demeanor. Reasonable requirements are meant for practising, while unreasonable ones are for disciplining. Do what others are not willing to do, and bear the burden of hard work. This is the diligent value for the Chambroad people in the new era.

  Commitment: To create results rather than to simply finish a task. Commitment is a fundamental value for everyone to sustain themselves. By working, one realizes their self-worth, and reflects the value of the post!

  I can produce results that satisfy customers, and I will, in return, attain dignity, recognition, wealth and achievements. For this reason, I feel proud! I’m committed to my work, I am proud, and I am happy!

  Thrift: Whether for an individual or an enterprise, material and spiritual wealth is made from scratch, and evolves from small to big, from poor to rich. Although we have become relatively more affluent and stronger than before, we shall understand that today’s affluence is hard-earned, and our country and the enterprise are still far from rich. Therefore, on a small scale, an individual shall not waste a penny; on a large scale, an enterprise shall not waste an item of resource. It is the relentless pursuit of Chambroad people to maximize the value of comprehensive utilization of resources.


  Just like all knights who are invincible in the battle, one shall be aggressive in their new business venture with knightly virtues of strategically despising the competitors, but tactically taking them all seriously. Such chivalric spirit has guided Chambroad to constantly open up new areas and create new patterns. In the past when we were in pursuit of things that seemed to be impossible, we’ve actually reached some of the ‘impossible’ goals; even if we cannot completely realize those ‘impossible’ goals, we have done much better than expected! Therefore, the nothing-is-impossible spirit is a winning mentality. Behind all the achievements are the Chambroad team that upholds the chivalric culture where the chivalric code is embedded.

  In the new historical period, Chambroad people shall carry forward the spirit of unyieldingness. In realizing the strategic plan for the next decade, we shall be equipped with the momentum of ‘the brave is the conqueror’ to make a breakthrough in heart, inner self and mind, and to be a low-key man but with a high-profile strategy (career).

  Chivalry entails courage, verve, unity and power. This code of conduct has helped to build Chambroad’s past, and will also help to create its future.

  (4) Corporate values:

  Integrity; Dedication; Reform; Altruism

  Integrity: Refers to loyalty and trustworthiness. Loyalty and trustworthiness is fundamental to sustaining a business. A person or an enterprise shall practice what they preach, do what they say, and do it well. The Chambroad people shall not only show integrity in their jobs, but also to the company, customers, families and the society.

  Dedication: Dedication is love and happiness. Dedication is the ‘gene’ inherent in the Chambroad people, and is in the ‘blood’ that flows through the body. Away from the hubbub of the city, generations of Chambroad people have dedicated their youth to this piece of land. Dedication itself is filial piety.

  In the new era, Chambroad employees shall fulfil their responsibilities for due diligence. As the employees devote themselves to the enterprise which in return makes contributions to the society, the employees as well as the enterprise can achieve the unity of personal value and social value.

  Reform: Never be content with what we are now as if we were the worst. Reform is virtue by which one’s inner heart improves in the course of reforms. In Chambroad, reform is endowed with a deeper meaning and may happen anywhere, no matter it is significant or trivial, large or small in scale, at high or low level, or in any post. For example, continuous reform can take place in such a diverse range as living conditions, environment, thinking, attitude, career goals, service and communication.

  Reform is everywhere. ‘Go, see and confirm’ is the way that Chambroad people use to solve problems. Reform has been Chambroad people’s common value.

  Chambroad people have the courage to deny the self, and to leave behind all the honours and achievements attained in the past. On the road ahead, Chambroad people shall never stop the pace of reforms.

  Altruism: Cultivate great virtue to carry the outer world, be altruistic and full of love; be self-motivated and diligent; put altruism first before self-serving, and think in a different perspective in that benefiting others is to benefit oneself, while benefiting oneself is to better serve others. To meet the needs of customers, subordinates and employees, and to help them succeed; to encourage and develop subordinates, colleagues, and leaders (the fulfilment of others is one’s own fulfilment, to fulfil oneself is to better fulfil others), and to fulfil the whole society!

  To make oneself successful, one shall first help others succeed, as the fulfilment of others is one’s own success!

  Let everything come naturally, and things will turn out to be as they shall be. To give is to take, and benefiting others will naturally come under the blessing of God so that one shall no longer encounter adversity.

  (5) Outlook on Life

  Poverty teaches me to cherish; growth teaches me to be thankful; and responsibility teaches me to expand.

  Poverty teaches me to cherish: Every employee, like Chambroad, starts to make material and spiritual wealth ​​from scratch, which evolves from small to big, from poor to rich. Everything that we have today is hard-earned. We shall learn to cherish the blessings, the current job, the hard-won happiness and everything, and work hard and live a good life.

  Growth teaches me to be thankful: Our growth cannot be separated from parents, teachers and the enterprise. Generations of Chambroad people have devoted their time and effort to helping develop and expand the enterprise. On this platform, we shall learn to be thankful, to show gratitude to everything we have at the moment and to all the hard work that has been done by older generations of Chambroad people. The growth of Chambroad would not have been possible without the support of customers and the community. Chambroad has been giving back to the community through achievements and corporate responsibilities, and has been using benevolent heart and action to influence more people.

  Responsibility teaches me to expand: The growth of Chambroad over the course cannot be separated from the support of its employees, the society and the people living on this piece of land.

  Chambroad people have been thinking about how to achieve a better development of the enterprise so that employees and the community can enjoy the fruits of the development. The history has passed, while the future is still ahead waiting to be created. Bearing the responsibility and mission in mind, Chambroad people are constantly exploring and innovating.

  Chambroad belongs to the Chambroad people, and all the more, to the people in the society. Chambroad has the responsibility to be more responsible for its employees, customers, and the environment, through increasing operating results, expanding room for development, and assuming greater social responsibility.

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